About Us

At O-Maconi Ventures, we are pleased when our clients are satisfied. Your patronage is considered vital to making our brand grow.

Referrals are everything in our business, that is why we listen to details, ask the required questions, ascertain your views – as we tend to visualize the right home, office space or building for you. Whether you intend to lease, purchase or just making inquires about our services.


Why Hire Us?

We put words into actions.

As professionals, Real Estate agents relieve a lot of pressure from you and often your family and friends by doing all the legwork necessary to get a stunning home.


We manage your time schedule, the budget; all the tiny and necessary details and finally ensure you are getting the best value for your money. We will put all the pieces together and you will just come to us to enjoy the rest.


Talk is cheap, we prefer action. We demonstrate our commitment to clear communication, through the tools and processes we use to get you your dream home.


The value of agents goes far beyond showing properties; a knowledgeable, skilled, experienced estate agent is one of the best assets a real estate investor can have. Whether you are diving into investment properties or you are an experienced investors, a trained real estate agent can perform many functions more effectively and efficiently than you can.


We at O-Maconi Ventures Limited are up with current trends as we stay up to date as we are conversant with the market. We know the best areas to purchase residential and commercial properties and we know where the best areas might be in future. It is the knowledge we bring to the table that makes a real difference.